Avalyn Smith (Private Smithie)

I may not be a lord or a Royal but I can do my part all the same! Victory to Britain!


Avalyn 3

“Do not let loyalty and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart”

Scion of John Bull
Born: April 29, 1921
Age: 19
Nationality: British (London)
Calling: Solider
Nature: Gallant

* Birthrights:
-Relic (Ring)
-Animal (Bulldog)
* Boons:
-Blessings of Bravery (War 1)
-Battle Cry (War 2)
-Unerring Orientation (Psychopomp 1)
-Pool Ammo (Civitas 2)

Avalyn 2
Born on April 29, 1921 in the City of London, Avalyn grew up in the labyrinth like streets of London selling flowers with her mother during the day in Covent Garden and slinging pints to local patrons with her father at the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese where, when she was old enough, she also gained employment. When the war broke out she saw the choice of either joining up and helping the war effort or staying in London and hiding in the tube and realized the only option for her was to go to war. She tried her hand at the only position that the army would allow her, a medic assistant, and realized that it was not a place she fit and was restless so she donned the uniform of a fallen soldier, cut her hair, and took up arms against the nazi’s. She has various cuts and scars from her fighting including a bullet wound on her chest near her heart-shoulder area.

Avalyn Smith (Private Smithie)

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