WWII: The Axis Wars

Second Session - Escape
The Great Libenau Massacre
  • The heroes take back their belongings from the guard tower and proceed to kill every guard that comes against them, effectively slaughtering more than a hundred men by dawn.
  • Joseph opens the main gates and prisoner barracks, inciting a mass exodus of the people kept in the camp.
  • Manya convinces a German commander to lead them to whatever it is that Eckhart is coming to collect (forces him to watch as every man in his company is butchered without mercy…)
  • Avalyn, Joseph, and Manya follow the commander down through a passageway below the fortress. They find the object and return to the surface.
  • Al and San witness a platoon of soldiers arrive under the command of Eckhart.
  • Two Irish prisoners in the back of the newly arrived trucks escape German custody and team up with the heroes
  • Eckhart orders his men to disable but not kill, demands that Manya give him the object.
  • The heroes escape after forcing Eckhart’s retreat, heading North-West

Notable NPCs
Dieter Eckhart

Funny Quotes

  • I’ll make out with her. Isn’t that how you wake people up in the stories? (San, +1 for literal mouth to mouth resuscitation)
  • I knew you only had one eye, I didn’t think you only had one ball too (Manya to Eckhart)
  • Eckhart: Little Rasputin is very bad at lying.
    Manya: But very good at flying.
  • Thanks for the lift, baby. I’ll give you one later. (San to Manya)
  • AAAAAAAAAARUGH-umph! (Jared’s character charging Eckhart and falling over (I forget the name again))
  • Quickest campaign ever (Alberto, ooc after he realizes they’re taking on a demigod scion of Odin)

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